Revontuli Features

Revontuli will help you manage your business, providing many integrated features tailored for freelancers, independent professionals, small businesses and retail companies.

Revontuli allows to manage customized document types, for example invoices, delivery notes, received invoices, etc...

Revontuli lets you record your customers and your suppliers, providing an account statement with ledger, a list of associated documents and a list of items supplied.

Track your payments:
Revontuli lets you record payments received and sent, letting you associate them to documents, to customers and to bank registers.

VAT Register
A simple VAT register to the current VAT balance.

Margin scheme
Revontuli is actively used by retail companies in EU under the margin scheme.

Fully integrated with Mail
Revontuli lets you easily send your invoices wth macOS Mail app, with full integration.

Automatic PDF Generation
Print your documents and report in PDF, without any additional software needed.

Terms Of Payments
This features lets you handle customized terms of sale for your documents. (Optional InApp purchase)

Link Generated Documents
Let's you easily link documents to generated documents, for example Delivery Documents to Invoices. (Optional InApp purchase)